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Welcome to Neal’s Stuff web site! This is where I let you in on some of the stuff I like to do.

I am currently a retired software engineer but started with careers in the hardware industry. First, loved cars as an automotive mechanic, then worked with electronic circuits as an electronic technician. After I designed and built my first voice synthesized application for my custom 1968 Mustang I got hooked on the programming aspect of the hardware. I moved from assembly language to C then Pascal (yeah, sounds backwards, right?), then C++ and finally C# which has been my passion for many years now.

My consumer oriented software was available on this site for immediate download/usage but has all turned to solely web applications. The Neal's Cars and Neal's Weather apps run in any browser (including mobile devices), are free of charge and only require a login to ensure your data is kept private.

Along the way I kept my old hobbies, like playing guitar and building and flying radio control (R/C) airplanes and started adding some new ones, like creating Arduino projects and working on classic cars. As a result, there are links to cars, guitars, Arduino projects and R/C airplanes to check out too.

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