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The links below are places I use when doing stuff with radio control.  Even though it can be a real blast, this hobby can get expensive fast.  And that is even when you don't crash!

Arizona Flying Clubs
These are a couple of the clubs in the north Phoenix area that are real popular for flyers.  These AMA sanctioned flying fields are usually very busy on the weekends and weekday mornings.  During the summertime fields usually becomes available in the afternoon because of the heat.
The following site tries to list all of the Arizona clubs.  It can come in handy if you have just moved and are trying to locate a nearby field.
National Flying Club
Each AMA sanctioned flying field requires pilots to have AMA membership in order to fly.  Most clubs allow folks new to the hobby to fly without a membership in the flying club if they are sponsored by an existing member.  Eventually, the flyer will need to have an AMA membership before joining a flying club.
  • AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics

    This site allows easy sign ups for new members and renewals for existing members.

Places To Buy Stuff From
Here are a few of the places I have used before when buying R/C airplanes and supplies.  You may get a better selection by using Google or Yahoo since there are so many new places springing up.
  • AMain Hobbies
    They seem to have the same things as Tower Hobbies (if not more) but the website is WAY better. It's easier to find stuff, once found they have plenty of pictures, etc. The checkout process is very nice and they offer multiple ways to ship an order (OnTrac, FedEx, UPS and USPS). Their return policy is AWESOME and their customer support is outstanding.
  • Stevens AeroModel
    It is very hard to find kits to build for R/C planes anymore.  Almost everything is ARF or out-of-the box ready.  If you decide you want to build an airplane from a kit go here first!
  • BMJR Models
    Some small field flying kits are offered here.
  • Hobby Action
    These guys are in Tempe and carry quite a bit of electric flying related equipment and supplies.
  • Tower Hobbies
    OMG! DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. These people got bought out from under a bankruptcy filing in 2018 by Horizon Hobby (please see the Horizon Hobby experience I have had). Also, the website is quite dated and it was kind of hard to locate things I wanted the last time I tried to order (so I used AMain Hobbies (http://www.amainhobbies.com/) instead).
  • Horizon Hobby
    OMG! DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. They do not have a phone number to call, which means when you have a question about a product (OR ORDER!!) you cannot speak to anyone. I actually found a number for them (buried) but when I called it had a recorded message that referred me to the website and then hung up! A company that does that tells me that the customer means NOTHING to them besides money stream. Use AMain Hobbies (http://www.amainhobbies.com/) instead!
  • Hobby Bench (if you're local to Phoenix area)
    • 8058 N 19th Ave
      Phoenix, Az 85021
    • 4240 W Bell Rd
      Phoenix, Az 85032
  • Frank's Hobby House (if you're local to Phoenix area)
    12008 N 32nd St
    Phoenix, Az 85032